The Dacre house sigil.

The Dacre's have been a part of Avalot's history since 153 AU, when Farkarn Dacre rallied the Eastern Territories during the Great Schism. This makes them one of the longest surviving royal families in history. The Dacres are known for their love of their subject and fair ruling, which explains their long leadership. Other noble families have a mixed relation with the Dacres, though it is the Ernests who truly despise them. During the start of the Treeblood War, the Pale Reach sent assassins to wipe out the entire Dacre family to prevent Avalot from aiding the Pinelands in the coming war. They managed to kill even the current King of Avalot in their scheme, with only a distant uncle managing to avoid the butchering.

In recent times, only the children of Mary the Mute survive to carry on the Dacre blood. Their destiny and future as a house remains a mystery, though there are many who still remember the good name of Dacre.


Being of true Avalotian decent, most Dacres have pure black hair and pale skin. Generally, they have been on the shorter side of height.

Notable Dacres

  • Farkarn Dacre- The first Dacre who started as a simple farmer and united Avalot in the time of need.
  • Mary the Mute- Bastard child of Alric Dacre. Eventually, she saved Avalot from a Westwarden invasion.
  • Alric Dacre- The last King of Avalot. Was brutally murdered by Lance Wymund.
  • Beatrice Dacre- Wife of Alric Dacre. Formerly a Berman princess.
  • Leon Dacre- Alric's father. Was known for his strong hatred of the western nations.
  • Sigrid Dacre- Daughter of Mary the Mute. Currently missing in action after a series of assassination attempts on her life.
  • Arthur Dacre- Son of Mary the Mute and her lover, Arthur Mourne. Lived in the shadow of his step-father, Hysaph Jaric.
  • Thal Dacre- Formerly, the last remaining Dacre after the Treeblood War. Father of Leon Dacre.