Baron Radolf Maynard was the former lord of the city of Mayford and a member of the Court of Nobles. He had a horrible reputation both as a person and as a player. He met his end at the hands of Lance Wymund during his attempted flight from Avo. He is also known for being the father to several bastards, including Anathema Maynard and Grit Maynard.

Background Edit

Radolf was born to Jade Maynard and Flin Maynard in the winter of 612 AU. A spoiled boy, Maynard grew up with everything he ever wanted and no concept of the value of money. When both of his parents died on a business trip to Lockeheart in 635 AU, Maynard inherited his family's riches and took their place as the primary force in Mayford. He traveled the world in his youth, spending his fortune on whatever and whoever took his fancy. It was during this period that he impregnated two particular women, one by the name of Mistress Eva in the city of Avo and another nameless wench in Pokol.

After the Berman War, he succeeded in earning a large stake in trade with Mayford's closeness to Berma. Eventually, he owned the entire city and earned himself a large role in the Court of Nobles. It was also during this time when he started to acquire both guns and gunpowder from Berman traders. Before long, he rose to power as one of the three pillars of power within the nation of Avalot. He maintained his position and slowly built up his own private army of goons to become an even stronger force in the city. When Alric Dacre was assassinated in 655 AU, Radolf was one of the primary competitors for the vacant throne. He opposed Emperor Juilus Narvineous in his claim to the throne and was the Emperor's biggest obstacle through his acquisition of gunpowder. Unfortunately, Maynard's plot to assassinate the Emperor was thwarted by a simultaneous riot by the commoners. He was forced to go into hiding at Mayford, where he was eventually discovered by Gunter Newgate and Mary the Mute.

He was forced to return to Avo by Rollin Hodgekin, who worked for the young Count Wymund. In one last attempt to overthrow the Emperor, Maynard and his remaining thugs were used as a distraction to the Emperor's troops. In the chaos, Maynard attempted to flee the city only to be cornered in the dungeons by Wymund.